The residential lots in Phase I, Lots 1-97, are designated and approved for single-family use only.    The lots shall be subjected to no other use.  All improvements on the lots shall be constructed in accordance with the requirements provided in the Covenants & Restrictions and shall thereafter be maintained by the owner in a clean, safe, attractive condition and in good repair.

No structure shall be erected on any lot or elsewhere on the property by any person, firm or corporation without prior approval of the Architectural Committee.  Any addition to an existing structure shall be considered a structure and shall require architectural approval.

Architectural control shall include the approval of a structure's size, structural and exterior construction materials, exterior appearance and location on lot. 

The Architectural Control Committee has the authority to disapprove structures, which it deems not to coincide with aesthetics of the subdivision or which it deems to be too repetitive within the subdivision, in its sole descretion. 

Review of plans and specifications by the committee is for the purpose of assuring compliance with the Covenants & Restrictions and achieving the desired aesthetics of the subdivision. Review is not intended nor shall it be construed to be any warranty of the quality of the plans or construction.

A $1,000 construction deposit is required when submitting new construction plans, with a lesser charge for renovations, additions or other minor construction, for approval and in order to ensure compliance with the implementation of the plans presented and the Restrictions & Covenants that govern Sandstone Lakes Resort, Phase I.

Upon completition of construction in compliance with the approved plans, $800 of the construction deposit will be returned to the resident, provided there are no additional charges for clean up of the surrounding area due to construction debris.

Large vehicles larger than a regular car, truck or SUV are NOT ALLOWED to enter or exit through the front security gate but may enter at a seperate, more accommodating entrance/exit.  The construction access cannot be accessed before 6:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m.  Please contact us for information in regard to this additional entrance and how to gain entrance.

Construction must commence as soon as practible after, but in no event later than six (6) months after obtaining the approval of the committee, unless the committee grants an extension.  Construction must be complete within 12 months from the commencement of work.  Any change in plans and specifications during construction that differ from those approved by the committee must be resubmitted for specific approval.

The committee shall have the exclusive power and authority to grant variances from the strict application of any of the Covenants & Restrictions provided that such variances shall not subvert the purpose or principal of the applicable restriction.  Such variances shall be considered on a case-by-case basis, and shall not be deemed to set any precedent for future decisions.  Nor shall the grant of any variance in any manner alter to the force or effect of the restrictions with regard to other lots.

The owner/builder must submit two (2) sets of plans to the Developer at the office of Sandstone Lakes Resort.   One (1) set of plans will be signed as either approved or rejected and returned to the owner/builder.  The other set will be retained by Sandstone Lakes Resort for file purposes.

The owner/builder will also submit a site plan showing the building size, slab or finished floor elevation, set back lines, driveway location, any other paving, fences and culverts to scale and any other constructions to the office of the Developer.

No dwelling will be constructed on any lot having less than 1400 square feet of living area (heated and cooled) exclusive of open porches and garages.  Each residence will have at least a two-car garage and must be located no closer to the street than the front of the house.

Front, rear and side yard setbacks apply to all lots in the subdivision and are as follows:
Front - 35 feet from street
Rear - 75 feet from edge of water
Sides - 10 feet from each side line

No construction of tennis courts or swimming pools is permitted closer to the street than the front of the house.
Any construction of any kind that interferes with any servitude or greenbelt is prohibited. 

Accessory Buildings
These yard requirements apply to both the primary living structure and any accessory buildings.  The architectural style, proportions and materials of any accessory building should match or be compatible with that of the primary structure.

All driveways and aprons and off street parking areas must be pre-approved as to location and materials by the Architectural Committee.  All driveways must have a culvert approved in size by the Committee. Paved driveways are encouraged.  Paved driveways must have two (2) expansion joints, one (1) on either side of the culvert. 

 If crushed limestone or similar materials are used, concrete curbs deemed sufficient in height by the Committee must edge the entire driveway to retain said materials and prevent spreading to yard areas where the materials become projectiles during yard/lawn maintenance. 

The placement of driveways on lots must be approved by the Committee to assure that there are no entrances or exits of driveways which interfere with traffic flow at intersections and to assure the aesthetics of the overall subdivision are preserved.  No driveway will be permitted any closer than two (2) feet from any property line.

Building on Multiple Lots
Any owner who owns two (2) or more adjacent lots may construct a building across the common side line of the lots, subject to compliance with all other setbacks requirements.    There can never be more than one (1) dwelling on any such combined lots which shall thereafter be considered combined for building, assessment and voting purposes into one (1) lot without formal resubdivision.

The minimum elevation for the lowest floor of all residences shall be determined from the latest FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps, as obtained from the Parish Engineering Department or a licensed surveyor.

Only white picket vinyl fencing, maximum five (5') feet high is permitted for the perimeter fencing.  Privacy fences approved as to location and materials by the Committee and within 25 feet of the rear of the house may be six (6') in height.  All fences must be approved prior to construction by the Committee for both placement and materials.  No fence shall extend beyond the front of the house into the front yard area, it being the intention that only rear yards be fenced and then only to a distance of 75 feet from the waters edge.  Swimming pools must be completely fenced and secured at all times.

*** This information is merely a summary of the information contained within the Covenants & Restrictions and serves only as a reference for residents. Residents should always review the complete Covenants & Restrictions and any amendments thereto before submitting plans to the committee and commencing with construction.

Sandstone Lakes Property Owners' Association

Building Procedures